School to Prison Pipeline

Explore additional resources related to the School to Prison Pipeline.

Policies and Practices

Learn more about the policies and practices that have been built into the public school system that set children, especially children of color, up to fail.

Seclusion Rooms

Iowa state guidelines allow for the legal use of physical restraint and seclusion rooms in public schools when behavioral issues result in safety concerns for the student or others, or to protect property. Learn more about this practice and how it has been enforced.

Student Resource Officers

A Student Resource Officer (SRO) is defined by the Department of Justice as a “sworn law enforcement officer responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools.” Explore the controversy surrounding this position.

School Redlining

Public schools remain segregated based on zoning maps and property taxes. Explore whether school attendance zones comply with federal law.

Marginalized Groups

Most of the research and discussion regarding the School to Prison Pipeline focuses on the disproportionate punishment of black male youth. However, black girls, black LGBTQ students, and black students with disabilities are even more affected by suspensions, arrests, and placement into the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Justice

Explore the data and research which aims to identify areas of racial and ethnic disparities in Iowa’s juvenile justice system.

Action Toward Breaking the Pipeline

Learn more about what can be done to dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline.