Celebrating the AAMI’s Reopening!

Welcome back to the newly renovated African American Museum of Iowa! This day has been a long time in the making and the beginning of a new chapter in the […]

She Was the First – Women’s History Month Feature

Each year, the African American Museum of Iowa recognizes African American men and women from the state of Iowa who have made history. These people have, by their actions, modified […]

Meet the 2021 History Makers

  Michael Allen began wrestling at the age of twelve in McKinstry Middle School in Waterloo, and continued wrestling at East High School and while enrolled at the University of […]

History Adventures Online – Underground Railroad

Join Abby and Sophie this week to learn about the Underground Railroad! Explore the lives of Harriet Tubman and Charlotta Pyles, who helped people escape slavery while living in Iowa. […]

History Adventures Online – Eyes on the Sky

African American pilot Bessie Coleman said, “The air is the only place free from prejudice.” At the dawn of the 20th century, aviation was new to the world and pilots […]

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